Policies & Guidelines - Gems Prep School
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Policies & Guidelines

Please bring the following:

  • A bag with a change of clothes for your child.
  • Hat
  • Drink Bottle with Water only (clearly labelled)
  • A bag that contains a fitted cot sheet, blanket, soft toy and pillow for your child at rest time.

Practice and Policy Regarding Delivery and Collection of Students

On arrival to the centre, you will be required to electronically sign your child into our care.  Parents are not allowed to drop their child off outside the gate. Children must be escorted into the centre by an adult. Parents are welcome to enter the centre and help their child with their school bag and other items.  Parents are encouraged to be shown around the centre by their child, especially if the child has something special they would like to share.  All parents will be asked to leave before the Forum session begins.

Upon departure, parents must also electronically sign their child out and collect them from within the gates. No child will be allowed to leave the centre gates without escort from a parent or nominated adult.
If you are going to be delayed collecting your child please let us know on 08 9725 7839.

Practice and Policy Regarding Outings

With excursions, a note will be sent home to parents outlining the destination, time of departure and arrival back to GEMS Prep School, items to bring and any costs.  At the bottom of the note will be a permission form, which must be signed and returned.  If you do not wish your child to attend the excursion, then please let us know and alternative arrangements can be made.

On the Enrolment Form we have a section dedicated to ongoing excursions that will just need your permission once.  This allows us to go on regular walking excursions.   Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns as we can accommodate your needs.

Practice and Policy Regarding Discipline and Management of Children

Gems Prep School of Early Nurturing will adopt a positive discipline policy.  This involves focusing on the positive behaviour of children and verbally rewarding them for displaying this behaviour.  If necessary, the modelling and role-play of appropriate behaviour will be demonstrated to the children.  Positive reinforcements will be immediate, constant and consistent.

Anecdotal records will be kept to monitor children’s progress and behaviour. If a particular behaviour, either positive or negative is reoccurring, then further observational techniques will be administered.  Behaviour and any other matter of concern will be discussed with parents on a needs basis.

No child will be subject to any form of corporal punishment, punishment by solitary confinement, immobilization or other humiliating or frightening punishment.

No child will be isolated from the other children for any reason, other than illness or an accident.  If Educators identity behaviour that is inappropriate, then the child will be re-directed to another activity.  At all times, the behaviour will be identified and not the child.

Practice and Policy Regarding Food and Nutrition

Action Plans will need to be completed for all children with an Allergy.

GEMS Prep School of Early Nurturing will provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks to all children who attend.  We aim to provide nutritious, homemade and wholesome food, whilst ensuring we cater for individual allergies, religious, cultural and lifestyle choices.  Action Plans and special diet record forms will need to be completed for all children with an Allergy or special dietary requirement.

Cooking lessons will involve all children and it is most important that you inform GEMS Prep School of any food allergies or restricted dietary requirements. If your child has a food allergy we ask you to supply a few “goodies” that your child can have on special occasions, for example, if a peer brings in cupcakes for their birthday, we can still give your child something special to eat with the other children.

Practice and Policy Regarding Sun Protection

It is a requirement that all children wear a hat when outside and have a t-shirt on with short sleeves.  The main policy will be: No hat, no play.  It is our policy that all children must arrive at GEMS with sunscreen on their face and other exposed areas.  Sunscreen is provided at the sign in desk and will be re-applied at lunch time. Sunscreen will be applied to all children with a tissue.  The brands we use are the Cancer Council 30+, Black and Gold 30+, Coles or Woolworths 30+, nonspecific brands from Big W and KMart. If you do not wish for your child to wear these brands, then please provide your own sunscreen and we are happy to apply that to your child only.

Practice and Policy Regarding Illness and Infection

Please do not send your child to Gems if they have either:

  • Vomited or had diarrhoea within the past 24 hours.
  • Have Head Lice/eggs which have not been medically treated
  • Conjunctivitis until discharge has ceased
  • Severe running nose or cough and have had no medication
  • Hand foot and mouth until vesicles have dry crusts
  • Impetigo needs antibiotic treatment and then waterproof dressing before coming into GEMS
  • Above normal temperature, limpness or persistent crying

A doctor’s clearance may be requested before your child can return to care.

Open wounds, sores, cuts or grazes on both staff and children need to be covered at all times.  If a dressing comes off, then it is to be replaced and then removed into a sealed container.

The modelling and then monitoring of the washing and drying of hands will occur before and after eating and after going to the toilet.  A paper towel dispenser will be used for the drying of hands as well as an electric hand dryer.

If you are unsure as to whether to send your child or not, please visit www.nhmrc.gov.au

Any communicable diseases will be handled in accordance to Staying Healthy in Childcare-Preventing infectious diseases in child care.
Parents/ Guardians will be notified immediately. Failing this, then contact will be made on the same day. In the case of illness, the following will occur:

Children with infectious diseases, as outlined in Staying Healthy in Childcare-Preventing infectious diseases in child care. published by the Health Department of Western Australia, will not be accepted into the program to reduce the spread of infection.  Exclusion periods will be in line with this document.

  • Should a child become ill whilst attending the centre and depending on the severity of the illness, the parent/guardian will be notified.
  • An incident/accident report form shall be completed when a child becomes ill or has an accident whilst at the centre as soon as is practical.

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

In the case of an emergency, the children will be directed from the centre through either exit door and will be gathered in an appropriate area.  Parents or the nominated guardian will be contacted immediately.  In the case of a natural disaster such as flooding, an earthquake or cyclone the children will be moved to the nearest shelter with their parents/guardians immediately contacted for collection of their child/ren. The teacher in charge will remain with the children until all have been collected.

Procedure for the Keeping of Records

All records of children whilst attending Gems Prep School of Early Nurturing will be kept for the specified time in accordance with Regulation 73 and 74, Children and Community Services (Early Childhood Care) Regulations, 2006 by G.E.M.S. Kindy. All information contained in a record under Regulation 67,68,69,70,71 02 72 will remain confidential, except when required by law or any other written Act or with the written authorisation of the person or, in the case of a child, the parent of the child, to whom the information relates.  This is all in accordance of Regulation 74 – Confidentiality of records.

Settling Your Child into GEMS Prep School – Separation Anxiety

Starting Care and Pre-Kindy can be an emotional experience for both you and your child. Preventing Separation Anxiety starts before your child begins at GEMS.

If you feel that the separation process will be hard for you and your child, try dropping your child at a close friend or relatives several times before starting at GEMS.

Play games like ‘peek-a-boo’ & ‘hide & seek’, this lets your child know that you will be back after you have disappeared. You could also read some stories about separations.

Before leaving home prepare & check your child’s bag with personal things that will be required for the day, enabling the separating process to be quicker and you will know that everything required for the day is in your child’s bag. Your child will sense if you are confident about leaving them and children will feel a lot more secure and settle more quickly if you show that this is a good place to be. All the staff at GEMS Prep School of Early Nurturing are experienced and skilled in comforting children and you can feel secure that your child will not be upset for long.

Sometimes having a special toy, teddy bear or snuggle blanket will ease the transition to carer and it will help your child to feel secure. It is always a good idea to let the staff know any information about your child’s night or morning that may affect them during this process.

Do not talk about the separation before it occurs, when the time comes to leave your child, do it confidently, quickly and with a calm goodbye. It is good to have a goodbye ‘ritual’ give your child a big hug & a kiss, say goodbye then leave quickly. It is best not to drag out this process, your child may seem to be upset when you leave but most children settle down quite quickly. Children soon learn the routine of going to childcare and that when you leave you will return again each time.

If you have any concerns or are worried about your child please call us and we will be more than happy to let you know how they are going.We have more detailed information available on Separation Anxiety, please let us know if you require it.

Procedure for Dealing with Concerns of Parents

If a parent has any type of concern, personal matter, their child’s progress or behaviour they wish to discuss with the staff at Gems Prep School of Early Nurturing, they will be encouraged to make an appointment time.  All matters will be dealt with in a highly confidential matter and will be documented. It is requested that any concerns are discussed in private to ensure confidentiality and that a concentrated effort can be made to resolve the situation. Therefore, interview times will not be held whilst there are children or other adults present. I strongly encourage and support the discussion of any issue.  Please remember that no matter is too small or too big and will be handled in a professional and confidential manner.

GEMS Prep School Contact Details (Administration)

Phone: (08) 9755 3899
Email: office@gemsprepschool.com.au
Website www.gemsprepschool.com.au
Address: 30 Gifford Rd, Dunsborough WA 6280
Owner/Licensee: Geographe Early Movement Services Pty Ltd

Contact details for Education and Care Regulatory Unit

Address : 1st Floor 111 Wellington Street, East Perth 6004
Telephone:     (08) 6551 8333       Freecall STD: 1800 199 383
Fax:    (08) 6552 1555        Email:- ecru@dlgc.wa.gov.au
 Website: www.communities.wa.gov.au/education-and-care/ecru