GEMS Prep School of Early Nurturing | Day Care | Dunsborough WA
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About Us

Gems Prep School of Early Nurturing are unique, locally owned spaces that value the importance of children of all ages developing an appreciation for Sustainability and the Natural Environment.  Our childcare centres have programs for children aged from 6 weeks, Pre-Kindy, Before and After School Care, as well as a Nature Club which is part of our School Holiday Programs.

Long Day Care

GEMS Prep School of Early Nurturing offer a long day care service for children aged 0-4. Each centre has 3 room divided into babies, toddlers, and pre-kindy. Our pre-kindy program focuses on preparing the children for their formal years of schooling.

Before/After School Care

GEMS Prep School of Early Nurturing offer a Before and After School service for children who attend local schools in Dunsborough.

Before school times are 7:00 – 8.30

After school is from close of school to 6.00pm.

We also offer a Nature Club as part of our School Holiday Programs.

What Parents Say

Latest Events

  • Oh how we enjoy going to the beach!  The children explored the beach looking at all the wonderful rocks and finding lots of treasures!

  • The children at GEMS enjoyed going for a walk in the bush and collecting leaves for their whole group collage activity. The children all commented on the colours of the leaves and we also discussed the texture, feel and why the leaves were starting to...