The Toddler room with teepee and toys


Here at Gems Prep School, we strive to provide a developmentally appropriate Early Childhood Education program specifically designed for babies to children 5 years of age that is continually reflected on and improved.

Educational Program and Practice

Children will be involved in open ended play based learning with periods of uninterrupted play. We believe this is the most developmentally appropriate way of learning and in encouraging continuity of learning between different age groups and planning. The program at GEMS focuses on a holistic approach to learning. Routines are designed to be flexible and embrace children’s individual learning styles and needs. We have a strong commitment to providing all children with a variety of learning experiences, nature based environments and open ended play based activities. We believe that the process is more important than the end product.

Relationships with Families and Children

We encourage each Educator to play with the children and spend time just talking to them. We view each child as competent, valuable and full of ideas. We also encourage each child to show parents their learning environments at GEMS Prep School. At GEMS, we believe that families, the community and educators need to collectively work together to ensure the individual needs of children and families are met. We believe that all families are entitled to equal access to their child’s learning. At GEMS we support children in building strong and trusting relationships with educators, assisting children form friendships with peers and to learn the developmentally appropriate social skills.


All Educators voices are respected and treated equally and have personal, professional philosophies that guide their professional conduct. We believe that Educators, families and children need to feel safe, welcome and secure. We strongly encourage open communication between all parties and welcome feedback.

Physical Environment

The environment at GEMS creates respect and care for property, equipment and each other, with everyone treated equally and valued as individuals. We are committed to teaching children sustainability, and where possible, offering children the opportunity to show more responsibility for their own environment. We are and will continue to adapt a variety of sustainable methods.

Last of all…

It is most important to us that children voices are implemented in our teaching and learning program and that all children have the opportunity to learn and play in a trusting, hygienic, safe, fun and nurturing environment.