Get to Know your Educator - Kim

Submitted on 28/03/2017

Get to know your Educator – Kim

Name: Kim

Job Role at Gems: Assistant Educator

What is your favourite thing about working in the childcare profession?

Working with children keeps me young and energetic.

Who has been an inspiration in your life?

My Grandmother Dorothy who was a very courageous and resilient woman who taught me to save and strive to achieve my goals.

What is your favourite colour?


What were your aspirations as a child?

My dream was to work with animals especially dogs like a dog handler in customs or a guide dog trainer.

In 25 words or less tell us little about yourself.

Iam a Mum of two teenage boys. I have a dog called Bella. I love to travel, walk in the bush, read, go to the movies and have BBQ breakfasts at Meelup Beach.

Favourite quote to leave us with?

“Bloom where you are planted”