Submitted on 18/05/2016

My Child's Routine and Long Day Care

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when parents are considering a Long Day Centre for their child, and is one of the most important, as we all know how important routine is for our little ones. 

Your child's routine is one of the first things we discuss with parents, and is one of many topics that are  continually discussed.  We aim to mirror your child's routine at home, and we can only acheive this, with open and constant communication.   

Our timetables at GEMS are flexible, working documents that change according to the needs of the children.  Educators very willingly change their daily timetable to suit the needs of the children, and will especially follow a babies routine very closely. 

We ask our families to complete an information sheet for us to follow and then we email all families a Daily Information Sheet that states how long your child slept for (or how many sleeps they had), what they ate and drank, their nappy changes (and what they contained) and also what they participated in.  We also upload what the children did each day on our computer program called Storypark, which gives parents 24 hour access to their child's learning and day.

So, if you are in a rush at the end of the day and you forget to ask these questions, atleast you know there will be an email waiting for you or you can log onto Storypark and communicate directly with your child's educator and check your child's development.