Air Revitalisers

Submitted on 18/05/2016

Winter is coming and we all know what that means..

At GEMS, we are always trying to do everything we can to keep our setting clean, hygenic and contagious infections free!  In Dunsborough, one method we have employed in doing our bit to keep the setting healthy, and reduce the amount of cold like symptons in both our Educators and children, is by introducing Air Revitalisers into our three main rooms.  It must be noted, that the Educators have noticed a difference!

So, here in Bunbury, we are delighted to have three new Air Revitalisers, one for each room. Pure Air Revitalisers, as stated by the company " remove odours, reduces air borne allergens (including mould spores) bacteria and pollutants."  They also help produce a noticeably fresher environment. 

 These Air Revitalisers also have a gentle, swirling noice to them, that is actually quite soothing. 

Look out for this item in your childs room.  They are located in different areas within the room and will be moved around as required. If your not sure, please ask an Educator to point them out to you.

For further information, please go to

If you are interested in purchasing one for your home, one of our mums in Dunsborough is a rep adn we would be more than happy to pass on your details.