Three Year Old Kindys

Submitted on 09/02/2016

Are you thinking that it might just be time for your child to start socialising with their peers (without a parent) and start to get ready for school?  Three year old kindy programs are the perfect place for your child.  

The programs at GEMS Prep School have been recognised as Exceeding the National Standards in this area, so you can be sure that your child will be involved in a high quality educational program.  

At GEMS, we focus on the children learning through play with a range of materials and experiences.  We device programs that reflect the needs and interests of the children, whilst ensuring their social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs are being met.  

Our Early Childood Teachers and Educators encourage the children to make decisions about their learning with an emphasis on the natural, indoor and outdoor learning environments.   

Another bonus of our educational program is that you wil be able to access our family friendly hours and the govenments childcare assistance, reducing the cost of the program.